Goken America is an engineering & technology services company that works collaboratively to make a notable difference for its clients, team members, and our communities. We understand that to achieve real change, our associates must be empowered. They must have the tools to explore and build, and the passion to share empathy and understanding.


The key to Goken’s singular business model is the company’s relentless drive to be more than a technical services company. This means that Goken leaders must place uncommon trust and value in the teams and the talent who facilitate the organization’s fearless approach to problem-solving and client engagement.


To uncover the root causes of workforce issues, faltering production cycles, and other challenges, empowered Goken associates take the time to immerse themselves in client cultural underpinnings.


Then, Goken adds competitive value with a multi-dimensional approach that requires more than merely adding human capital. Instead, striking the perfect balance between a customer’s wants and needs, Goken infuses change techniques with technology; skills training with organizational development; and staffing projects with managed services.


Rather than a blueprint of static deliverables, Goken is a nimble provider of engineering and technology solutions that, because they are sustainable and repeatable, accelerate product development and deliver clients the advantage of time. Time to get ahead of the competition. Time to focus on business development. Time to innovate and shape trends.



To be a global company that empowers people to affect change wherever change is needed.


By building trust, we foster greatness in our people, excellence in our clients, and impact in our communities.


Our values have been the same since day one: Commitment, Integrity, Creativity.

"We like Goken because their associates are good at solving problems. They are usually our first call when the real head-scratchers show up." 

Purchasing Manager

Automotive OEM

"Goken provides a career, not an assignment. I have had an engineer finish my assignment and move to another job, but stay with Goken.  A few years later the same engineer came back to me with more experience. He remembered all of our methods and immediately fit in with the team!"

Engineering Manager

Tier 1 Safety Parts Supplier

"The Goken associates in my department seem to really like working for Goken. From my experience, they treat their people well and that makes my life easier."


Stamping Die Development

"Goken’s internal processes and pre-engagement activities have saved me months of man-hours."

Design Manager

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier