09Aug 2019

1. Summarize your internship

My internship consisted of 9 total weeks of working in the tech center at the Dublin, OH office as an Automotive Design Engineering intern. While I was at Goken, I was exposed to both CAE and CAD training, with a 30/60 time split between the two areas, respectively. In addition to the technical training I received in HyperMesh and CATIA, I also worked with the HR team to improve my skills in areas such as presentations and Microsoft office, helping to give a more well-rounded internship. Over the course of the internship, I was required to give a total of three presentations to help me not only improve my presentation skills but also to communicate the work I had been doing while I was here.

2. Why did you accept an internship with Goken?

I accepted an internship with Goken because of the interest and importance that I felt was placed on me, even as an intern. When I was first interviewed, there was a large focus on what I wanted to get out of this experience. The internship seemed to really be tailored to the interests I had as an engineer as well as an employee, i.e., there was a focus on technical skills needed as an engineer, as well as on the communication and culture skills needed for an employee in a structured company. I thought I was going to gain great skills and really enjoy my time here.

3. What were your biggest learnings?

I think that the biggest thing that I learned was just how much experience I had gained in HyperMesh and CATIA. I now feel able to do so much more than what I came in with, and I was able to see myself learn along the way. The biggest learning was during the HyperMesh portion of my time because I essentially started from zero, and I was able to produce good results when I was done training. Also, my presenting skills grew immensely from one presentation to another. I feel very comfortable and confident with presentations now.

4. How did you apply your academic studies/or previous internships/experiences at Goken?

My past internship gave me some baseline experience in CATIA that really helped me not having to start from scratch when training. I was able to brush up on what I already knew and then very quickly started learning new concepts that built on what I already knew. Additionally, I had also had some experience with technical drawings and SolidWorks through school, which helped me form a strong base for learning more. Being able to read drawings and visualize the part was very helpful during the CATIA training. Lastly, SolidWorks and CATIA are produced by the same company and, therefore, are very similar. The two programs have a decent amount of overlap, which helped transition from one program to another.

5. Now that you are more familiar with Goken, is there anything that surprised you about the company?

What surprised me most about Goken was how inviting and helpful everyone was. The patience and attention I got as an intern were amazing as the people training me were balancing my training with real project work. The people I’ve met at Goken have accepted me, brought me into the company, and made me feel really welcome. Having lunch with the leadership team on my first day was a great indicator of how accessible and connected the leadership is at Goken. I really appreciated how available they were to me as an intern.

6. What 3 words would you use to describe Goken to others?

Excited, Supportive, Invested

7. Based on your experience, would you be interested in working with Goken in the future?

If I had the opportunity to work with Goken in the future, I would definitely be interested. Even after only nine weeks, I have come to  appreciate the people and the work that is being done at Goken.