Language Services


Product development engineering is a global business. At Goken America, our language services division works to bridge cultural and language divides with on-demand document translation and interpretation services.


Our technical document translation services were originally designed for a Japanese automotive OEM, and we still perform approximately 60% of all their translations today. We attribute this long-lasting relationship to our automotive terminology database and deep cultural understanding.


Our interpretation services are performed in person or remotely.  We do both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, specializing in automotive engineering communication.


"We like Goken because their associates are good at solving problems. They are usually our first call when the real head-scratchers show up." 

Purchasing Manager

Automotive OEM

"Goken provides a career, not an assignment. I have had an engineer finish my assignment and move to another job, but stay with Goken.  A few years later the same engineer came back to me with more experience. He remembered all of our methods and immediately fit in with the team!"

Engineering Manager

Tier 1 Safety Parts Supplier

"The Goken associates in my department seem to really like working for Goken. From my experience, they treat their people well and that makes my life easier."


Stamping Die Development

"Goken’s internal processes and pre-engagement activities have saved me months of man-hours."

Design Manager

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier